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Friday, December 2, 2011

in awe

hi folks, this blog not only tell you about woodcarving but a little about my life,, i am farmer , woodcarver, and worked in security, etc,,, but if you follow you also know that i have a faith that i depend on in life. many of you have this same faith,, some do not,, i just want you to know that i am not one that will beat you over the head with a bible,, my faith is a quite one,, now i know some of my christian friends out there will say that its my responsibly to share every chance i get,, i say no,, its the way you live not the only words you speak.., but i have to learn not to lump folks into a role,, we all do it from time to time, same goes for those folks that see christians hateful people,, some are indeed ,, in fact they not the christians i would choose to relate myself to.....and many of my christians friends will agree, i am not one to start a conversation with you and hi i am a christian,, i rather, that you get to know me,, that i am fallible human first, that tries to do good to all, yes i have attitude,, yes i have my shortcomings many in fact, but in light of all that, i trust god to work those things out in me for the greater good,, i ratheri trust him, and obey him, and try to have that relationship with him,
that no matter what happens in life he is the one that will be there, and when all is done in this life i know for a fact that he is waiting for me ,, and welcoming me... and once you have this faith, it can not be shaken, no matter how i feel, or what i do,,..................... so i am in awe of how he provides, as a farmer, you learn the concept very well, he always always provides ... folks, as some of you know that i lost one of my jobs in the past, it was only a parttime job that i had for over 20 years,, i told you then that when one door closes another one opens,, at the farm we had a field that i use to rent for horses i vowed i never do it again,, but today ,, i cant lump a group of folks into one cause of the fault of one, so i got a call out of the blue,, this person needed a place for 5 horses,, at this point i was haying the fields, we talked for a while and told her my hesitation, so i decided to go ahead and let them rent,, wow i told her that i cant lump everyone cause of one bad apple,,
taught me two things i need to remember

first ,, you cant lump folks into one basket......

second ...- when god sends and answer , your to trust it,,

i dont know how many of you know the story of the man and the flood,, he is standing at the top of his house,, water rising,, and he is yelling for god to save him... so a boat comes along,, they said get in,, but no the man said god is going to save him, and the boat left without him,, later another boat appears,, and the man says again god is going to save him,, and he tells the third boat the same,, the man drowns,, he gets to heaven and asked god why didnt you save me,, god replied,, i sent three boats to you???

so i didnt want to miss the boat that to me was plain as day,,
you all have a great safe carving day,, arleen


lotsabooks said...

What an amazing perspective you have, Leeni! Those who know you, whether living close to you or far away, are blessed to have you in their/our lives.

carverswoodshop said...

carverswoodshop said...
thanks jen for your kind works,, hope you all have a wonderful christmas, say hello to your family from ours here in pa!!