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Thursday, November 25, 2010

how to handle differences move on is the easiest thing to do

hi folks, as some of you are aware , wci forum had a bit of an issue,, respect goes a long way, and i am here to tell you folks just a couple of things, if you cant beat them join them, is a good saying, but i also feel if your beaten up its best to move on, and to forget them,

which i plan to do,, i was appalled by my last email i received from a moderator, here is a quote from that email that i am willing to share
""I understand that you feel you were being attacked and as such that can hurt your business. Yet here your business is not our concern""

nice words, when in the past i have promoted and lead folks the the wci magazine and forum, i guess i could say the same now,
""here their (wci) business is not my concern "",

the forum is from the wci, which is a business that sell advertising and magazines, and i had no problem sending folks the the site and for them to get a magazine, in fact i gave my last issue that i recieved away to a new carver at the ontario woodcarving show,, i have said nothing in the past against them in any way, to those of you that follow me, will understand, the issue i felt was handled poorly, and i no longer will post on the wci forum, or promote them in any way,, i will not renew my membership etc , folks if it was only one issue like it was a year ago, i let it go, but today no longer, i gave them time to correct it,

i am sure if it was the wci being attack indirectly then they may have handle it different,
why should i support and promote their site and magizine ,, but then ,,,my business is not their concern,
take care and folks be happy, i am now that this is behind me ,
take care bye

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