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Friday, November 18, 2011

what to do on saturday????? i dont know ,, maybe carve a while

hi folks,, some of you know how i might feel tomorrow,, i worked every saturday for the last 20 years , doing security work for a mall,, and now i am laid off,, yes it was only a part time job but still a job, that i enjoyed,, last week was my last official day to work on sat,, the mall where i work has closed,, the questions i had the past month about the mall is what are they going to do with it ??? my honest answer was i have no idea,, all i know is i work until they tell me its time to go,, i wanted to help them out with the last few weeks,, if needed,, but as many folks around the country well ,, being laid off is never easy,, especially when you work at one place for so long,, i always enjoy the mall

who was i?
was the person that found your kid in tears when they could not find you
i was the person that comfort your love one when we called for help when they were hurt
i was the person that walk your love one to the car when they were afraid
i was the person that would listen when you had a bad day
i was the person that would make sure the building was empty when the alarm went off
i was the first person was called when an accident happen
i was the first person that came when you had folks upset with you ,
i was the first person that would protect you if you were in harms way,
i was the first person that would hear the complaints
i was the first person that would be willing to say goodmorning or good night,
i was the first person that would hear much of the new news going around,
and i will be the first person that will say i enjoyed , my job as a security guard,
but the best thing was hearing from folks when i enter ,, ' SO GLAD YOUR WORKING TODAY"
it always made my day!!
to many were are just a rent a cop but to many we were where we were to be at the time, and i will say that many folks didnt call us that but thanks us for helping out where we could, thanks to all that made my career as a guard a good one, and hope to the many folks i came to know , i learn a lot from all of you, thanks ,, weather i did armed guard work or unarmed work i always met great people along the way,,,,,, i am a firm believer when one door closes another open, take care, arleen


Mick Bradford said...

Losing a job is never easy, particularly for those with a family and at this time of year too. You are correct, another door will open for you. It may be that the Good Lord wants you to have more time with your wood carving.

Keep up the good work you do with carving and teaching it to others.


Mick Bradford - Bartlett, TN

carverswoodshop said...

thank you mick,,:)