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Friday, April 15, 2011

busy, busy,, and started mowing the lawns,, yuk lol, i rather be carving lol

howdy folks, as you can see from my title that i dont like to mow,, its time consuming and also its the start of a long season, the next 24+ weeks it time to mow the two lawns ,, i should not complain but be happy that i have a yard or two to mow,, i know many live in apartments, etc, and would dream of a place in the country,, i love the country,, but the outside work at the farm was never my favorite thing to do, i loved taking care of the calves etc, ,, i just see mowing takes time taken away from carving or other things i would like to do, but after a few decades of mowing,, well,, i rather be carving,, lol,,
one thing that i learned this past month there is nothing better in life then good health ,, to get up in the morning without pain, and feeling good, this past month, i was busy taking care of my folks,, as they are getting up there in years, i see more and more the things i need to tend to,, i think in this country,, we dont care for the elderly like we should,, our country was not build by computers, videos , and modern technology but by older americans that put alot of hard work into making our country the best in the world,, now dont get me wrong the new technology is wonderful, but our towns, our history was made by hard working older americans, they pave a way to an wonderful country we see today,, and we owe them alot,, to be treated with respect,,,, i love the older folks,, but the young and the old need to be protected, , so my challenge to you is to take the time to spent with either the older or younger folks,, they need folks to know we care about them ,,, so many dont have folks watching out for them,, taking care of our parents isnt a required by law, but for me its a moral issue for me,, now its my turn to care for them, and you will never finding me complaining about it,, but happy to do so,, keep carving folks and enjoy the warmer weather,, and hopefully soon i be back to carving a more again on youtube,, arleen


lotsabooks said...

As always, I enjoy reading your perspectives on things. This one really hits home as our parents are aging and need help. It's a blessing to be able to be there for them.

"Chickie" is now sitting on the mantel of the fireplace, right next to the carved snowman. :-) It was great to be able to visit with you and your parents again.

Have a great week as you beginning the 24+ weeks of mowing. It could be worse . . . it could be 24+ weeks of shoveling snow! :-)

Take care.


carverswoodshop said...

thanks jen, it was great seeing both you and jack too, and look forward to seeing you again this summer with the whole family,, glad the chick/egg found a spot in your home,, have a nice easter,, take care :) ps i think i rather have the snow LOL

carverswoodshop said...

oh and your right its a blessing to be able to care for our folks,, for sure :)