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Monday, April 25, 2011

trying to stay upbeat and how to deal with frustration in woodcarving

i know ,, frustration is in all parts of life,, some deal with frustrations in different ways,, i for one, will do one of two things, throw in the towel and call it a day, and some days i fight it tooth and nail,, its learning which one to do ,, the more noble thing to do is to fight it tooth and nail, but sometimes at what price,, frustration well as you saw in my last post had to deal when things seem unfair or unjust ,, when rules apply differently to different people,, but what do you do when your carving is frustrating,
i had one email that had one sentence,, ' CARVING IS FRUSTRATING" how do you respond to that,, its simple,, to some it is ,, to some its not,, but my suggestion is if you dont have the right equipment to work with it will be frustrating,, i cant image feeding 400 calves with one bucket, or one small mixer,, you needed a huge mixer, and a lot more buckets when you fed calves,, it would have been a terrible job, frustrating mixing milk for the calves one bucket at a time,, but with a huge mixer you could mix up milk replacer for 100 at a time,, so the tools you use in carving has to be decent not cheap tools, like those from the big hobby stores,, please dont waste your time buying from them,, there are plenty of good woodcarving suppliers that have a decent knives at a decent price,, so a sharp knife is the most important along with good piece of basswood,, again make sure you get the true board foot when you purchase your wood,, and ask before you buy it so you will not be surprised with the bill,, i have an earlier post about this,,,,, but anyway,, good wood and a good knife is the best way to enjoy woodcarving,, and good instruction as well,, and the other thing that is just important then the knife and the wood, is keeping at it,, ok folks take care, and happy carving to ya, arleen

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