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Thursday, July 29, 2010

nothing more fun,, then creating something new.. and a lesson of the solar heater

hi folks, if you have followed my blog for a while you will see some things are important to me,,, family and friends, having good health,,, all those things are great and so important,,, sometimes i find myself in a carving slump ,,,, nothing new in mind, nothing that catches my attention ,, that i want to carve,, as i was making the video clips for my new dvd morning santa, i also was carving more of the same in different sizes,,, which can make it an interesting project to make the same pattern but smaller or larger,,, i did a tiny little one, and then a larger one then i have on the video, the concept is the same, it will not matter if you have a 5 inch or 3 inch as long as it is square,, the results should be the same,,,,
but as our visitors from canada were here for a few days,, i took along the carving box and a project to work on when we would sit around and chat,,, people find it amazing what you can do with a piece of wood and a knife, the fun part for me along with the carving was the fun stories being told and shared, about old times and our life living and working with the amish around us,,, as farmers we had some business dealings with the amish. but the most fun i had was just taking another block of wood and carving to my hearts content,,,, nothing better in the world, and seeing a new creation being formed,,

sometimes we need a break from carving, not often but it helps us enjoy it more when new creations and ideas come along,,,, i had in mind to created my solar heater in the back yard, as some of you may have watched watch it on youtube , it was an idea, for a few years before i attempted this big huge 24 x 8 feet high project,,,it didnt work the first time as i had expected and had to redo a few things that prolonged the project ,,, i invested so much time totaling three months and money into it that i wasnt going to give up the idea,,, and lo and behold it worked, it heats my home nicely in the fall before i have to kick on the furance, along in the winter as it help supplement my heat..... and yes it will save me money, now three years later it will be cost effective, it has paid for itself and now all the heat it will dispense will be free, so if you have an idea , carving idea or a project, keep at it ,, the feeling of completing a project is wonderful,,, have a goal,, keep at it ,, and you will see that there is nothing is more fun then creating something new, sometimes i even have to remind myself of that fact,,, that full size eagle is the new big project ahead for me,, someday, it will come to pass ,,,, happy and safe carving to ya, arleen

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