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Saturday, May 8, 2010

starting the new branch guy (santa) and happy mothers day

here i go again folks, i dont know how i get all the different ideas, when i think i cant come up with something new , it just happens, some of us find it hard to find what to do next as a project,, but the branch guy can be a number of things, as i said before finding the branches is my hardest part, lol well happy mothers day to all of you that are moms, your very special, i know my mom is a special lady, she loves to cook, and take care of her family, she deserves the best and no less, sorry i might be a bit old fashion, but both mom and dad are to be respected in highest regard, when i hear folks that dont get along with their folks it saddens me, and sometimes i know its not always the child's fault,,, i know i been blessed to have both a mom and dad in my life, and we often take them for granted, and those of you that have lost a parent know all to well that you cant go back and change things, so i tried to always put my folks care before my own, and help them with what ever they need, cause i dont want to look back and regret any of it, and now i can honestly say i have no regrets,,, imagine, to be able to say that, to me that it better that having gold and silver, i was a blessed kid, and still am, lol happy mothers day , arleen


lotsabooks said...

You're so right. Your parents are very special and I hope you had a great Mothers' Day with them.

My Mom loved the carved pansy pin you made! We were all together at her house today and Laura took along the bag you gave her to give Mom for Mothers' Day. Wow! Very impressive carving!

The branch guy is a neat idea! You are very creative and it's interesting to read your blog to keep up a bit with your projects.

Happy Mothers' Day!

carverswoodshop said...

thanks , i hope you had a nice mothers day too, and so glad that your mom loved the pin, i gave aunt grace, and aunt arleen one too, something small, and yes and know you folks are in my prayers, take care leeni