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Monday, May 10, 2010

can you help me, what tree are these ?, lol and i thought i knew everything ( not)

hi folks today i went looking around the farm for some more branches that i could carve, i only have a couple of pieces left, and i need more to add to my branch guys series,,, well it was a nice sunny crisp day, and low and behold i found some , i have think the one is poplar tree, and the other i dont know so i thought i will post them here and maybe someone could be so kind to tell me what they are,,,, these two trees were right next to my barn at the farm, and there is alot of it, i was going to cut all of them down, cause they are growing along the building, not that it would hurt any to leave them up, but i was ready to take the chainsaw out and start chopping, lol yes i know how to use a chainsaw, but sad to say i dont know that much about what types of trees, i know some like , maple , oak, and some different pine trees, i been a farmer for a long time but i wasnt a tree farmer, i dealt with calves, steers, etc, so i dont know much about trees, now you would think if i am a woodcarver i would know this but , here i thought i knew everything , LOL i guess not,,, any guesses out there what both might be, thanks for your help, and i have this posted on face book too, so i should have an answer soon, happy carving, arleen

1 comment:

Cynda said...

The bottom pic looks like the leaves on my elm tree...but then I don't know everything either..lol