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Friday, June 28, 2013

things are looking up and the tractor,,,

hi everyone,, well i was eager to get on the tractor today to  get the driveways back into shape,    i thought i had to order stone but i regraded the both driveways  with the grader on the back and the front end loader in the front,,  after about 4-5 hours it was done,,  i was able to lug up all the stone that had washout to the barnyard, and also at my home,,  so i was glad that it was not going to cost me hundreds to order stone,, i just got one load last week, cost was 345 dollars,, but i had to top off some things around the farm,, it was way overdo,,,  and that was 26 tons on that load,,,  i still have a small pile left that came in handy to use today,,,  then i fixed the rain gutters above the back door of the barn,, were it water was pouring in by the door, and flooded out the feedroom,,,lol my scaffolding came in real handy today,, and the tractor is a huge plus,,  getting very handy with it for sure,,,,,,  just like dad,,  :) he was so good at operating it,, i never worried he always had it under control,,, and he could use that front end loader like it was an extension of his hands,,  i slowly seeing the same thing,, i finally after a few  years got the feel of how to handle the tractor in all kinds of situations ,... up hills, on hills, just about every terrain.. i help a guy last week to load a heavy item into his trailer,,  after i got off the tractor, he said he had to tell me he didnt  worry about me handling the tractor to load,,  he could tell i was good at it,, some folk have a tractor and have no idea how to operate it,,, made me feel good,, \
i told him my father never allowed me on the tractor it was his baby,, when he could no longer run it,, i told him come out here and show me how to operate it,,  and that it where it began,   alot like carving the more you carve the better you will be,,,
tomorrow my plan is to work at my home,, clean out the front gutters and the drain pipe i believe is clog,, major clog so hopefully once that is done,, all is well,
the basement has about 2 big fans going,,  things are almost dry but i will let it run for a few more days, and then start to remove anything that is damp,,,  which will help me to finally clean out the basement,, way overdo,,
the feedroom has a fan in it,, that i put in today,,  lol most of my stuff is in plastic buckets or bins, so not much lost at all there, and not as critical as the basement,,  but all in all, needless to say i am tired tonight,,, moving around stone with a rake and shovel at times,,  like the good old farming days,, lol  it feels good to work hard,,,  overall things are looking up,, thinking this would take weeks,, which really a few days,,,  take care keep carving,, i think i will carve for a while to relax,,   second thought i think i need to sleep,, lol  

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