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Monday, March 18, 2013

when is enough , enough?

hi folks, like the title?   having a table or tables at a show, is lots of work,,  i for one plan for days if not weeks, to decide what to bring , how to set up and what has to go along,,  I am now working on filling the empty slots of dvds that i thought i had more then a few,,  most of them i had 2-4 of each one of them in reserve if someone would order it,,  with 59 dvds to take along, i been busy making about 60 copies so that i have everything at the show,,, running out of time , i like to also paint some of my santas that are staring at me to be completed,,,,  i really had so many other projects on hold cause of the honey bears,,  sold a few all ready,, and have about 4 of them looking at me unpainted,, but there is only so much time in a day,, and i love working late at night but that isnt always good for ones health,, but i will get done what i can,,  the rest will have to wait till the show is over,,,  i love what i do,, and the honey holiday bears were a big hit,, i dont believe i had so many folks that fell in love with a carving as this one,,  and i have orders for christmas,  i know  your thinking its way to early to be thinking of it , but no it really isnt,,  our season isnt now,,  its christmas that folks want the special something for someone,, and carvings are a great gifts,,  i really had orders for  this coming christmas , beginning in jan, so its never early,,,  its how do you keep this from getting out of hand,, that is another topic,, i get into that later, but when is enough , enough,,?  the answer is never,,  you will always want more carvings and stuff at a show,, and most likely you will be taking most of it home,, ( you will sell some) but reality is you will bring most of it back with you ,,  but you always feel that you never have enough displayed, and you want everything you can take with you ,, just in case,,  thats ok,, just remember to have fun doing it,,  so far this has not felt like a job,, i still enjoy doing what i am ,, i never want to feel like i have to do the carving rather,  that i want to do the carving and shows,,  so really enough will be when you finally pack the car, and get there, then you have no choice if you brought enough with it ,,,, it will have to be enough,, take care , arleen  ps keep carving as long as you can,, :) 

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