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Thursday, September 13, 2012

learning that some things are not done in a day!!

hi folks,, i put carving aside for a bit,, i will have my classes and open house on sats,, but i been super busy, taking advantage of the great weather ( finally) not muggy here in pa.   i bought some scaffolding that i decided i was going to paint and fix up my home and the farm,, often in the past i if things were to high well i hire someone,, not often but from time to time,,   i had some rain gutters that needed to be reattached, and call a couple of people to get an estimate,, wow,,  i thought if i bought the scaffolding that could reach it,, 22 feet up,,  i could do it myself,, looking around the farm i also have a hayloft barn that needs to be painted, along with some roofing too,   in the past the one barn roof was not that high i always got up on that one with no problem but the other well to high,, i dont mind ladders but the older i get the less i like them,, and trying to carry stuff up to the roof while hanging on,,, well its getting tougher,, i did a lot of farm work in the past so i dont consider myself as weak,, but the 20 foot latter, heavy duty,, well i had a heck of a time to get it up,, i just dont have what i use to,, so i thought scaffolding would work out well, i stagger them so i can climb up to the top, and easy to bring stuff along with me,, a platform to work from,, feel much safer then any ladder, and those that know me , i will figure a way to do it myself,,  yes the cost of the scaffold will pay itself back without hiring a carpenter or painter,, took me a while to figure out how i was going to get stuff done, but now its coming together,,  i am working on my home ,, it needed to be painted long ago,, i pressure washed the cedar siding, and now its being painted,,  nothing is going to be done in a day,, just like carvings sometime,, it will take many days,,   but the end result is the joy of knowing i can still do it myself, and saving myself money in the long run,,  there will be a day that i will have to hire for help but until then i going to enjoy doing it myself,,  so keep carving,, arleen

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