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Sunday, March 13, 2011

beginners list ?? what is should be?

hi again,, i was just thinking about this , and when i do my wood carving classes,, i guess i came up with a list of what beginners should have,, and must have to begin wood carving,,

so here is the must have list if your a beginner
a good knife
carvers glove
strop and compound
and thumb guard,,
small tool box ( to carry your stuff) it kinda hard to carry it without a box or bag might come in handy, lol

now what you can add to your wish list,
and this list is in an order of what a beginner should plan to buy in the future

what size,, well that depends if your going to carve full size duck or just small things
a table top is very handy, and can cut thickness up to 3 1/2
a self standing for bigger stuff, and thickness depends on the machine you get ,, 6 to 12 inches

gouges and v tools,
i would buy only what you needed,, not in sets, unless your sure you will use it in the future,
i have palm gouges that are great for small work,, but longer handle gouges come in handy too, depends what you want to carve,,

sharpening machine,,
now this is a want but i believe its a need, you need to have your knifes etc sharp to carve, but you also have to learn how to sharpen,, which many carvers its a learning process, there are all kinds of things on the market,,, do your homework, and what you need to sharpen , do you want to make your own knives, or just sharpen the ones you got,,?? this will determine what you will need, all can be done by hand with stones, or wet and dry sandpaper,, so learn the art of sharpening,, plus if you learn most of it by hand then going to a machine makes it very easy,,

carving room
shed, or shop
where are you going to do most of your carving,, in the home, basement, then its table, chairs, and work room stuff, shelves etc,, so much to add here,,
because of the farm i have one bandsaw in the barn, and the other in my basement, ( smaller one)
so think where are you going to let the chips fly,
i mostly carve in my home, or where ever, but if you power carve thats a bit different,, so plan,

here are some things to think about ,, if your a beginner, and folks one step at a time, and add what you need when you need it,, take care and happy carving arleen

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