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Monday, August 9, 2010

drying green wood and my next video coming up

hi folks , as i am learning how is the best way to dry green wood i been carving lately, here is a few things i have learned,,
first i have been carving my branch guys and have a couple of new ideas which i will explain in a bit,,, i love carving them green but they can split on you and crack as they dry,, i had someone cut alot of a tulip poplar tree this past couple of weeks, and now i just love to carve green,, its easier, and so much faster then the hickory and black walnut i was using,,, but a concern was how do i keep it from cracking or checking, well in my research i found a couple of things,,, and cane maker told me to glue the ends, and it was rare that he had a piece the checked on him,, so as i got my pieces cut to the length and i glued the ends of the piece,, so i dont know if this will work but i know that its worth a try but i wanted it to dry faster,, so here is what i am doing,, and i will make a video for youtube,
after some research i been doing the following,,,,,, first put it in a micowave for a min to kill any bugs,,
glue the ends,,,, then for the next couple of days put it in the micowave on defrost for 30-35 seconds,,, and let it cool 7-8 times
now i do this in a plastic bag only,, cause the smell, and take it outside take it out of the bag and let it cool,
i have a scale as i watched it go from 130 grams of weight to 83grams, i will now stop, i have most of the water out of it,, or the bulk of it,,, not sure if it will work but it looks promising, and i have re-glued the ends more a total of about three times,, you want to be careful not to leave it watch it every time you use the micowave, and one person said it caught on fire , but i think they had it on high and wayyyy to long in the micowave,, i put a paper towel in the bag in case there is water in the bag,,, but it should not be hot that you can't hold it after it comes out,, plus the ones that are not dry it will have a cool feel to it when you hold it , branchs that are dry have a warm feel to it,, so just some tips if you like to experiment with this ,, and i will have the next santa piece that i am working on soon along with these details how to dry them if your carving green,, happy carving , arleen

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