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Friday, March 13, 2015

carverswoodshop sharpening system

hi folks ,, as most of you know many folks will have their own way of sharpening knives i found a way that is inexpensive and simple to use,, and like most bigger systems can cost hundreds of dollars,,   if your like me you know that many of us have tried all kinds of systems, that work great for a while till we find something always better,,,, so here is my story 
i wanted to make a system of my own,, i came up with a neat little sharpener that it portable and very easy to use,,  it has a strop wheel and a buffer ,, i got the machine at harbor freight for around 30 bucks and i make the strop wheel,, and added a hard to find buffer to fit,,  cost for strop wheel is 17.00 and 13.00 for the buffer ,, total is 30 and 5.50 to ship in the usa,, if interested please email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com
there are three video clips on you youtube channel here is one,, please watch all three to know how to use it,, thanks


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arkscottoden said...

Arlene, your post on converting the grinder to a strop is great. I made very close to the same conversion, think it's been at least a year. I wish there was a way to make the motor run slower. It would be perfect if it had slower speed. I'm working on your Battle Cross. Really appreciate the work you put into the video and pattern. I am a 20 year Navy vet served during Gulf War and am planning to make several Battle Crosses to give away. My Dad retired Major with three tours in Nam. Both my brothers retired from the Army one both Gulf War and Iraq and the other three tours in Iraq. Just wanted to let you know we appreciate your work and you've got a new member.