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Saturday, February 8, 2014

long long week,, long winter,, back to carving?

hi folks,, this past week has been a long one,  starting with  monday,, snow, about 9 inches and back on the plow,, it was heavy wet, and not easy to clear,, four to five hours later it was done but lots of it was bumpy and not what i call super cleared driveway,,    then came wed another storm,, ice storm,, well of course we were without power ,, but at the farm we had a generator ,, it was running  but the service line to my parents home came down,, i had electric on the farm side but not the house,,  had to call a electrician and thankful he was able to come that afternoon, but not knowing this at the time,, and knowing the damage in the area due to the ice,,,, i set out to find some kerosene heaters,, i located two,, went to get them, to set up in my folks home and my own home was also without power... and i dont have a generator there,,  came back got the two burning ,, and in my folks home first,,,,  then the electric came back on and the service line was fix, i decided it would be good to get one of the heaters back to my home,,  putting it in the passenger seat off to my home i went,,, not knowing the kero was leaking from this heater into the seat and unto the floor,, what a mess,,  i was so upset, which i didnt think it would leak,,   well to shorten the story i pulled out my passenger seat and pressure washed it,, ... the floor ,, well soak up what i could,, and it reeks of kero,, but slowly and hopefully after a couple of months, it will disappear,, i am hopeful that it will,, disappointed and frustrated,, ,,, my folks got the electric back the same day later that night,, i was out of power for 4 days,, ( i stay at the farm )   so i keep going back to my home to refill the kero heater, i didnt want any frozen pipes,,,  i am bit exhausted from all the extra work and worry this past week,,  farm life has never been easy ,, but one thing i learn,, you can be prepared all you want to be,, which we were here at the farm,, but things happen beyond our control and somehow you make it through..  it was only a week of this messy stuff, but i dont remember a winter like this in a long time,,,  one storm maybe two in a season, but we had at least four or more, i am losing count,, and many little nuance storms, to make driving a hazard.  but i have to remember,, and thankful for good health that i was able to take care of what i needed, not always easy but i was able,,  and the whole week i keep saying this too shall pass, which of course it did,,, and unto a new week,, and yes tomorrow more snow,, so another week beings  keep warm and keep carving,, arleen    

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