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Sunday, January 19, 2014

discussion about carving instructors ,, ( many are quitting and good reason why )

discussion about carving instructors ,, ( many are quitting and good reason why )

hi folks,, this is a topic , that rarely gets attention,  and one i like to give my two cents to,,  it was posted on facebook by another carving instructor that they are no longer teaching  classes and shows due to the lack of students and cost ,, which i can understand,,,  the commitment of folks today is lacking but i believe it more the limited time and cost for most not to take a class,, many want to but to fit it in can be a difficult  with family and work,,,,  
in todays times the web has created a new way of teaching,, as many of you know , i have over 1700 videos up and over 130 projects to choose from for free, and you can purchase a dvd of most of my projects if you rather veiw it on a dvd player on your work area,,,, but i understand the expense of travel , setup, and cutouts, and overnight expenses, along with time spend before you go to a show or teaching a class, its work,, no doubt,,, but many folks are now teaching, and the pool of new carvers is limited,,, i for one, enjoy making my videos and dvds,  and teaching here at my farm,,  and plan to do so,,, yes some of the classes have been canceled , and that is ok,, it was not to be,,  i try to have different classes to fit the needs of those that would like to come to a class,,,
on a personal note,, i can understand the frustration  and disappointments that instructors deal with,, and the same goes for putting a show together,, the work that is done before a show or class is a huge amount of time and effort..  unless your super organizer ,, it can be draining,,  then why do it??  well most carvers that do shows and teach enjoy it,, and want to pass along a hobby that has given them so much joy,,, and my reason was simple i love computers and woodcarving and found my niche,,,   what i have today did not come over night,, it was countless hours with a video camera and prep work ...  i enjoy it, untill i no longer find joy in ,, i will contine,,  
i never thought of this as a way to make my living,,  if i did i would have stop long ago,,,  i spent countless hours carving santas,  ornaments , and many other things to keep my inventory up for the holidays,, and pricing them to a reasonalbe amount,,,,, one never knows what will sell, and what will not,,, if you ever thought of a carving career you better not quit your day job...  its not an overnight succes for most of us ,, its lots of work and hours ,, and its not work if you enjoy it long the way,,,  and if i dont like to carve something i dont,, i carve only those things that i enjoy,, that is why i keep away from commission work,,,,  commissionn work the word is WORK ,,,  i dont ever want to feel i have to carve,,, ,,  i know this might sound selfish but it keeps my interest in carving...  once it becomes work,, its no longer enjoyable,,   no one in thier right mind will do a hobby they dont enjoy,, isnt that what a hobby is to be ,,, enjolyable??   so folks,,  i will keep trying to come up with new ideas, and new videos on youtube, and make my dvds,,, am i making a killing at it,, no,, and most woodcarvers will tell you the same,,,  i have cover my cost which is about as good as it gets ,, and i am not complaining,,, but understand those that thought this is a great way to make extra money,, i can be,,  ( extra ) is the word,,,  not a living at it,, some do make a living at it,,  and enjoy taking commission work,,  to those that have done this my hats off to ya,,,,  glad your able to do so,,
 well will this was more than my two cents worth,, more like a dime :)  keep carving folks and thanks for all your support, and keep supporting carving shows around you,,  , arleen  

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