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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

endorsement of other businesses PLEASE READ , and other issues

hi folks below is what is posted on my facebook  page,, the internet is a wonderful tool but also can be tricky how to handle things,, i felt it was time to address some of the issues,,  and below is how i will deal with it,,, most carvers are kind folks and many of them will respect your wishes,,,   but i had notice that business putting sales of their items on my page, and other questionable stuff sometimes were posted,,, i did delete some of the comments that i felt were offensive,,  i can tolerate and look away,, but i wanted my channel and the facebook page to be shall i say clean enough for kids to watch,,  it was important to me when i started this four years ago that it would be family friendly,, we have enough unwanted stuff on the net,,  and many of the folks that come to my site , have the same belief system as i do,, and as a christian,, its not only what i want but my duty to try to protect our kids , we all should be protecting the kids from what they are able to watch on the internet and tv,,,  often times we fail them,,and do not count on tv networks which is lacking in most of the tv programming today to protect kids, look at the stuff , dance moms, toddlers and tiras, etc ,,  i want and i believe that you can sit and watch my videos with your kids without worry,, and i will continue to make my videos with that in mind,,  yes i tell stories that are real,  farm stories with the humor that i found here working on the farm,,,,   so   thanks for all the support i got when i posted it ,,arleen 

here is what is on facebook 

thanks for taking the time to read this i know no one want to deal with some issues that are not related to woodcarving,, but i need to address this so that everyone is aware and informed,,  

i made this facebook page , and group for  simple reason to share woodcarving projects that i have done along with what other woodcarvers have made as well,,,  i want to make it very clear that your welcome to post your finished carving for other woodcarvers to enjoy,, but i will not allow ads for any business,,  i only recommond one place to purchase carving tools,, and if your interested in other companies your free to google it for more,,,  other then hillcrest carving,, i do not endorse any other business,,   hillcrest is a local  woodcarving supply here in lancaster,, don i have known him for many years,,  he helps me set up for beginner kits, for my students,,,, i will not endorse any other carving or wood supplier,,,,   and please do not post business ads on my page,, if you do it will be removed along with your name,,  i know it sounds harsh ,, and really i try to be fair but if one person does it everyone will,,  and this page is intended for my material and others that want to share photos of their work,, thanks for the understanding ,, arleen   

i might as well also add, i want this to be a page, and group also suitable for kids to see, so anything i deem not suitable photos, or comments will also be deleted,, thanks for your understanding,, arleen

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