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Monday, January 28, 2013

important notice

i had a person that asked about teaching one of my projects if i would have a problem with that , if they had my permission to do so,,,, i wrote back to them the following email,,  first before i post it i want to make it very clear,, that anyone teaching projects that are not their own without the permission of the creator of it , is in the wrong,, esp if they are being paid to do so,, please read my response to them,, thanks , arleen

thanks for your email and your request,, i would say the following to question,, i have no problem teaching techniique of how to carve,, but i do think that if i have a project that is being followed and taught  by someone, that is my design ,i say no , i design projects so that i can teach them here or that folks can purchase a dvd,, they are welcome to watch them on youtube, ( which is free) but for others to be teaching, the projects  and to make money from it i would say no,,  i put alot of time and effort into my projects and video taping them,,  and for someone else to teach it, and getting paid, that would not be fair to me  or any other carver that teaches , and  if its a project for  carving club ... for their members for beginners project,s, i have no problem with it,, its when someone , assumes the teaching instruction, and then get paid ,,  i may have to clear the air about that,, same if i were to   teach someone  projects that belong to them,, please i want you to thank you for for question,, at least you were asking first,,  a big thank you for that,, i will be sure to address this,, cause there might be others that wonder the same thing,, thanks again,, good luck with your projects that you teach,, its the most wonderful hobby for any age to enjoy,, take care,, arleen ps if you have any other questions please email me or call me direct,, 484-364 -0471  thank again, and keep carving,, enjoy the videos , arleen

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