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Saturday, February 4, 2012

keep on going ?

hi folks, its super late,, and i thought maybe a post in my blog would be in order,, hope you all enjoy the mystery project,, it sure was fun to do , and from the reaction it was a bit of a hit,, i plan to do more of these from time to time,, i just had some more company from the great north( canada) some of my family came for a weekend i called any group more then two the canadian invasion lol , or the invasion of the north lol..,. we had a good time,, i was not able to get up there last year,, and i dont see anytime soon that i will be able to do so,, caring for my folks, has me very busy,, first it was the farm that kept me home now the folks,, lol good thing i dont care to travel alot,, otherwise i would not be a happy camper, but one thing i can do most anywhere is carve,, lately i been looking into other options for my shop,, it just not meant to be for now,, i keep looking, i guess the frustrating thing for is i almost get it, and something happens and it doesnt work out,, now i come to believe that if i am not meant to have it then the timing isnt right, also,, there must be something better,, now folks it isnt that i havent bid on things, and plan things ,, it just gets block for some reason or another,, and well instead of feeling nothing will ever happen,, i now believe it has to be something better out there ,, now i not saying this that it has to be more expensive,, nooooo what i am saying that maybe i looking and finding , that is more sensible.. and useful,, but until i find it i will keep on going, with looking and searching,, and making my videos for my youtube channel,, lol i have to say sometimes hunting for it is more fun then finding it, but how sweet it must be for finally find what your looking for,, take care folks and keep carving,, :)

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