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Monday, January 2, 2012

air vs kiln dried basswood and how to calculate price per board foot

quick answer which ever is easier to cut LOL , both are good, i have both here at the farm,, also i found both to be hard at times, and soft to cut , so for me its a toss up,, all my projects on youtube are from both,, air, and kiln , so some folks will tell you one or the other is better,, you will not know until you try.. so my suggestion is try both,, and buy whatever works best for you ,, right now i like the air. and the most ask question is where do i get it ,,well right now , i got plenty of the air dried, to last me a long time,, cause i bought it local, if you can buy it local from a carving supply store will be the best, even better would be go to a carving show,, your sure to have a selection of sizes and your able to see it,, the more white the better they say, i use to think that was true, that isnt always the case,, so if your like many carvers,, you will get good and bad wood,, its just the way it goes,, but if you find a source that doesnt over charge you per board foot, and the shipping is right then go for it,, i believe basswood should not be over 5.00 per board foot or a lot less ,, i got my last batch for a bit over a 1.00 i bought it in bulk,, which i understand many can not do that due either by cost or just where the heck do you store all of it? ,, i just happen to find this deal which really doesnt happen to often,, but i felt if i was going to do more teaching well it was foolish not to go ahead and get it,, it was worth the investment,, and if i dont use it for teaching,, well i got enough for a long long time,, lol,,, so shop around ,, always ask for a TOTAL price on your order,, and ask what is the per board foot, your total price should have the shipping included.

some things to remember >>>>>>.

1.... go to a local carving shop,, i got many good deals at my local wood carving shop

2... go to a wood carving show,, your able to compare prices if there are a few vendors

3... internet,, google,, woodcarving supplies,, and a bunch of stuff should come up

4 ... do not buy from a hobby/ chain store,, i found the wood to hard, and very expensive

5... lumber mills might have some , if you happen to live in the country

6... make sure the price per board foot is not over 5.00 dont forget if your order it to be shipped get the cost of shipping,, wood is heavy to ship,,

7... either air or kiln is good

8.. to calculate price per board foot,, if you have a 2 inches x 4 inches x 20 inches long = 160 then you / by 144 = 1.11 board foot ((THE NUMBER TO REMEMBER IS 144,..... 144 IS ALWAYS USED TO CALULATE ))

so if you paid 5.00 for it ,,,, 5.00 / by 1.11 = 4.50 is the price per board foot ,,

i hope this helps ,, keep carving,, arleen

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