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Monday, October 17, 2011

MY SOLAR FURNACE self standing solar AIR HEATER

update 11-2-2011 i put in a heavier fan,, wow what a difference
today it was up to 60 outside and i put it on all day,, during sunlight of course,, and the house got up to 77 degrees,, it will be enough to keep it warm all night,, it was 60 degrees this morning in the house,, so its working much better then the duct fan, so its moving 1000cfm instead of 110 cfm i wasnt sure if it would cool it off to quickly,, so its been great so far,,the heat remain the same for hours coming out of the vent ,, i will keep you posted for this winter but for fall use its great,,, the temps went down to 42 overnight,, so anything helps to keep the gas prices down,,, nothing like free heat,, and no work to it either,, super,,, i am a happy camper about it
hi folks most of you have seen this but i did this video over a year ago and its about my solar heater i built,, it was done with alot of work and not giving up,, i had to tear it apart three times to get it right,, its over 24 feet long and 8 feet high,, but i notice the old fan wasnt kicking out the amount of heat i wanted, well i got a dust blower motor and wow what a difference, i should have done this long ago, but it was really great cause the heat after i left it on for a while and the house got very warm but its 60 outside now and got up to 81 in my home , i will see if the blower works as well went its cooler, it should work about the same,, i was very happy with the way it heated so quickly,, this is my 4th year with my heater,, i design it and made it myself,, lol i never fell so many times doing a project like this one, lol ,,, i once had the ladder take a slow fall, you know the kind that you have enough time to know what is happening, and i really thought oh well , i hope the neighbors did see this, lol that is how much time i had to think as it started to go ,, lol all the falls i was just fine,, and i also live on a hill, so i was tired and decided to sit on the small wagon , and it decided to go down the hill, it picked up some speed i couldnt stop it so i rollled off of it,, and again, hoping the neighbors didnt see it ,,, lol i was fine, had to go down the rest of the way to get the wagon now at the bottom of the hill, so i have some fun memories of building it, lol but it does work that is all that counts,, and maybe if we all built solar heaters we can keep our money in the usa, instead of having imported oil, just a thought, i did have this all on video on my computer as i was building it and lost it cause my laptop died,, so it was a big lost to me but i then did this video to at least show how it works,, would i build it again? of course i would,, was it worth the trouble? you bet it was,, so if you have an idea go with it , and work on it , and you never know who might learn from your project, take care arleen

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Denise Tedeschi Illustration said...

Hi Arlene,
This heater looks great! We're in western Morris County, NJ and it's good to see something like this works with the amount of sun we get here in the east. I'm going to share this with my husband.
What did you use instead of the Rustoleum for the black backing? Also, what materials are those you've used. Are those common corrugated plastic panels? We used the cheap kind for our chicken coop roof, and they deteriorated almost immediately. Will never use them again. Since you're pushing air over these heated materials, I imagine you have to check for off-gassing and fumes etc. ahead of time.
It seems to me something like this could be used in the designing of a home, so it becomes a courtyard privacy wall or something like that. You could even run the air ducting underground for a bit more insulating value.
We've toyed with doing geothermal here, since they run the piping down vertically now instead of horizontally (taking up lots of space under your yard).It's quite expensive to do though.
I found your blog when I looked through Youtube for wood carving/whittling videos. My 11 yr/old son wants to try whittling. I think I'll get a kit together for him for XMas this year. BTW can you recommend an honest yet competitively priced online site to purchase supplies from?
Best, Denise T.