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Thursday, June 30, 2011

raspberry time ,, some what like woodcarving LOL

howdy folks,, well its raspberry time here at the farm,, it was one of my moms favorite time, she would prune them in the spring and pick them first in the summer,, and then again in the fall, she made a super jam that many love , she gave them away as gifts, it was her hobby,,
as my mom is aging she could not for the first time go down to the berry patch to pick them,, i was never a fan of picking them,, the outside and plants were not my thing here on the farm it was more the feeding and caring for the animals at the the farm ,, i rather worked in the barn then do any kind of gardening, i wish it was different , if it were i would have a field of all kinds of produce, but i never found an interest, in it,,
but now my brother in law, and i did prune the patch last march, and thought by now my mom could go down and pick them but she could not,, and if you dont pick them they dont produce alot of berries,, so i decided every other day to go for an hour, to pick them ,, and ate alot of fresh red raspberries,
tonight, it was a wonderful night to pick them,, last time i pick 4 quarts, and tonight 2, froze some and others i gave away to friends
today as i was picking i found that i need to go over the same spot a few times, otherwise i would miss some,, and as i back tracked , i often found those that i missed again,, or looking at it from a different angle, well again more,, so i thought how often do we miss things in carving, not seeing what wood has to be removed if we dont look at it either from a different angle, or just putting it down for a while , and then coming back to see how we can improve a piece,,, well that is what i learned in the raspberry patch today,, always take the time to look at things from a different angle , you might be surprised what you might see, and learn, happy carving arleen

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