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Monday, September 13, 2010

some interesting things this past weekend, carving is the about the same

hi folks,, the festival is over and this is what i got out of it ,
one , that other vendors are very helpful, thinking i could do this on my own,, with some teaching from another vendor joe next to me and a friend that came along , well i now know how to breakdown the canopy and its so much easier then when i started this last thursday, today i set the canopy up and down twice,, its simple once you know what your doing, i also learn that you never know who or what you might run into at a show/festival, sunday was a good day,, even though i was ready to pack up in the morning due to the rain, and did it rain ,,,but i check the canopy and it was dry and just fine, i went ahead and set up and low and behold it turn out to be a great day,, i came home a bit earlier, and its amazing the amount of work some of the other vendors had, i had work but some of these folks spent hours setting up,,, took me two hours the first day, by the third day it was about 45 mins, so see practice makes perfect, or close to it, lol,, so many of ya folks follows this blog and i want you to know you will see things as they are,,, i wasnt happy the first couple of days, we were in the back, but sometimes we need to check our attitude at the door before we leave home,,, and make the best of it,, and having family and friends to bounce off some things what i could do better helped me alot , which i decided sunday....and what works at one show may not at another and you have to adjust to it,,, ..... learn what you can and you never know unless you try it, and the same applies to carving, learn what you can from others,, and try it keep at it , and you never know how good you can be,,hopefully the apple festival is next oct 9 , lol here i go again,,,,,, , have a great week,, keep carving, arleen

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